Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rocky turns 1

We had an amazing weekend with our extended family this Memorial Day weekend down at Lake Cumberland, KY (Thanks Mikey, Holly, Anita, George, Julie, Ada, James, Mom and Dad! What good bunch!) and I'll post fun pics and stories from that soon. Upon returning home, we enjoyed a day that the kids have been talking about for months - Rocky's first birthday. The kids have memorized his birthday yet still stumble to tell us the date of Jack's. Poor guy. It took a lot of treats, training, sleepless nights, reading, and patience to get us here but we finally have a one year old dog who is generally good at taking direction, is always good natured, and is good at making our kids girls turn to a squealing mess of baby talk (and he makes a good playmate for Ben who loves to tug of war and throw him a ball). The kids' new nickname for him (I am not making this up) is "Mr. Stoney-Woney Covered in Fur and Stuffed with Cuteness." Nuf said.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Today was fun

After over 5 hours of intense gardening both at the old house and the new, I'm just not able to come up with a clever headline for today's post, nor can I find a way to string together today's memories in a coherent way. There's just stuff to post before I forget it. Entertainment value, be damned.

I worked a lot on the yard at the old house today. Hopefully all this cleaning up will help a future owner feel like they can just move right in without too much work. A big yard IS a lot of work, but there are so many benefits. Spring is my favorite time at that house - the columbine at the front are beautiful. Our ducks and even the frog are back.

Alex informed me today that she and Dani have "Brain Communication" and Ben shares this with them as well. It's an ability that only very special siblings have, which is why Uncle Mikey and I do not have Brain Communication. This ability allows them to send each other messages, like "when one of us is going somewhere with Daddy and the other stays home, and if something exciting happens or the plans change, we can tell each other about it. It also works even after death, like if one of us dies first, we can still tell each other things." She also explained they can play games with each other via Brain Communication. Bummer that Jack and I don't have it - we'd save a lot of time and money on texting and board games!

Alex and Dani recently began taking horseback riding lessons. Alex has also mastered riding her bike without training wheels this past week. I haven't gotten any pics of her doing it yet. Here's a cute shot of the girls at class before they start to groom their horses. Notice that they are smiling. They LOVE riding lessons. It's the first activity they both agree is great.

Ben has been having a rough spring. Our new home has lots of flowering trees, dust from construction, and fields of dandelions nearby. This has also been one of the worst springs for people with pollen allergies. Put this all together and you get a Ben who had trouble sleeping and was generally irritable with a runny nose and itchy eyes. Yet despite feeling crummy thanks to nature, he insists on climbing trees and playing with bugs. That's my boy. (It helps that he's been so irritable that he lost his phone/iPad playing privileges for a long time - it gave him plenty of free time to play outside.)

This evening was the block party in our new neighborhood. I had been looking forward to meeting families with kids and we did pretty well - there are at least a few potential friends for Ben and I hear there are girls around but many didn't make it to the party. My bunch all surprised me by finding kids to play with after dinner. Usually Ben makes a friend wherever he goes but the girls hang back. Tonight everyone was running around, doing cartwheels, throwing balls, and generally enjoying the other kids. Dani even proclaimed, "I like having parties for no reason!"

Tomorrow, Jack and I plan to attack the garage so he can actually park in there soon and so it's not such a pit of despair to me. Bring on the shop vac and dust rags - all the contractors cut wood, tile, and stone in the garage this year to avoid being cold outside, so the dust levels are ridiculous.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Catching up? I can try.

2012 kicked my butt. Big time. I seriously think it was the most exhausting year since we had twinfants in the house. How Many “Firsts” And “News” Did The Wei Family Have In 2012? A LOT. I wrote up a big long list for a holiday card that never got produced, and even just editing out the "insignificant firsts" took waaay too much of my 1am time. I have forgotten more of 2012 than I would like to admit simply because I didn't blog about it as it was happening. And the same is going on right now in 2013. Occasionally a fun memory gets logged to Facebook, but I rarely go back and put it all someplace more permanent and accessible years later. If blogging or journaling doesn't become a daily event again, more adorable moments will be lost forever. How will Jack and I reminisce when we are in our 80's if I can't pull up a record of the hilarious things the kids used to say? My crappy memory certainly won't do it for me. We won't be able to chuckle over the fact that Dani feels she is "an under-height first grader" or that Ben wondered tonight, half asleep and calling out for mama, why his foot hurt until he drank a glass of water. And we won't be able to remind Alex that she used to get very perturbed at the idea that she is a picky eater, when her 20 year old self can't get enough of cauliflower and asparagus and fish that doesn't have ketchup smeared on it. Memories get made every hour around here, and more of them are going to end up recorded. Luckily Jack has been taking videos of the kids talking for a few minutes each week. Maybe I'll post a few soon. They are very cute. 

That is all for tonight. Tomorrow - the list of craziness that happened in 2012. 

Here are the kids at The Hundred Acre Wood, a beautiful nature/sculpture park at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We visited for the first time (which should have happened YEARS ago) on April 27 with Gramma and Opa.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Making Up Jokes

We have creative girls in so many ways. Alex loves to make up songs (and rhymes!) and Dani's latest craze is making up punny jokes.

Q: What do you call a dancing raspberry?
A: A Jazzberry!

Q: What do you use to power an electric cake?
A: Batter-ies

Q: What do you call blueberries when you first buy them?
A: Newberries

Q: What's a horse's favorite fruit?
A: Strawberries!

Q: What do you call nuts that are very old?
A: Oldmonds

Q: What does an alien who is feeling really hot say when it sees a vent?
A: That's the coolest thing ever!

Q: What do you call a fat pumpkin?
A: A plumpkin!

Q: What do you call a flying weapon?
A: A soared.

Q: What's a plant's favorite food?
A: A Tree-t

Q: What's the only color that doesn't tell the truth?
A: Lie-lac

Q: What's the only golden food?
A: Nuggets

Q: What is the most colorful fruit?
A:  A crayon-berry

Ben's jokes are a little different...

Q: What do you call a spoon that is not a spoon?
A: A fork!

Q: What do you call orange juice that is not orange juice?
A: Water.

Q: What do you call a thing that has a head, a body and two legs?
A: A person

Q: Why was there a hole in the ground?
A: Because someone digged it!

But he came up with this one last week:
Q: What is the only country you can store things in?
A: CANada

He's getting there!

Alex has had her share of funny jokes too.

Q: Why did the cheetah not play fair?
A: Because he's a cheetah!

Q: What is the only edible festival?
A: The Steak Fair

Q: What's the only fruit you can sit in?
A: A Chairy!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dads = the best

There are two dads in my life - my own dad and my kids' dad. Both are amazing men. So here's a toast: (Raising wine glass) To Jack and Dad. I love you both more than words. But here are a few.
Ten Things I Love about My Dad
1. He loves playing around with mechanical things, and is curious about how they work
2. His hugs
3. How he still wants to hold my hand, even when I’m 34
4. How he seems to have forgiven me for all the times I didn’t want to hold his hand when I was a college kid
5. He values hard work and loves family life
6. When he fixes something 5 minutes after we’ve told him it’s not fixable
7. He plays with his grandkids so long that he falls asleep on the floor next to them
8. He just can’t resist kites, and he helps the kids to fly them
9. The moments when I realize how much I am like him – it means I’ll never feel like he’s completely gone
10. He is kindhearted, sincere, friendly, and beloved by so many especially ME!

Monday, March 12, 2012

6 years!

To quote The Talking Heads: "How did we get here?"

Six years old?!! Holy cow. Our girls have reached an age where they will begin to form lasting memories. What's to come this year? My predictions are:
- Able to read chapter books on their own
- Pierced ears
- Riding bikes without training wheels
- Write all their letters and numbers without flipping any of them
- Get their own rooms (if I can find us a house!) but end up sleeping in the same one most nights anyway
- Giggle a LOT

Happy Birthday to the kids who made us parents!

Friday, December 23, 2011

12 months behind us, 12 ahead

It's a promise, to myself, to everyone I told about this goal, to THE WORLD (because yes, my blog is just that important) - I WILL blog a LOT in 2012. I have a terrible memory, so writing, drawing, and taking pictures have always been my back up. There have been so many small memories lost, because I failed to write them down the last two years. I put some things on Facebook, but they are completely impossible to find after a week. There are hilarious or touching things our kids have said that I will never remember. There are beautiful, lovely life moments that didn't get shared with anyone except whoever was standing next to me at the moment of realization, which may have only been Nighty, Whitey, and King (our pet fish) since the kids and Jack are now gone from the house for hours and hours each day. These losses cannot go on. 2012 will be the rebirth of my dedication to reflection via blog.

How to begin again after only posting ONCE in 2011? A quick way to catch up... hmmm... a list! 12 months brought us copious new and wonderful times. Voila, our major FIRSTS experienced in 2011:

January - First Time Tubing on Snow (Thanks, Wrights, for introducing us to the fun!)

February - First Ice Storm with what felt like a foot of ice and weeks of cabin fever.

March - First Five-year-olds in our Family - Happy Birthday Dani and Alex!

April - First Son to Turn Three - Happy Birthday Ben! Also, First Dance Recital for Dani and Alex. They Tinkerbell Tappity-tap-tapped.

May - First Graduation Ceremony - Alex and Dani celebrate their time at "Mrs. L's" and move on from Preschool. THEN - Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo: First Trip to Disneyworld and Sea World! Gramma and Opa joined us for the rides, the swimming, the sweating, the silliness, and the whole adventure.

June - First Family Camping Trip. Thank you, Evanson family, for showing us the way to camp in style. Alex and Dani also joined our Neighborhood Swim Team for the First Time, and Competed in many Meets. The girls have become quite fishy.

July - Ben had his first swim lesson, attended his First Wedding (Congrats Dan and Leslie!), and then we all had our First Look at Mikey and Holly's Chickens. The kids were present for The First Egg and were Eggstremely Eggcited by this event. The Kids Attended their First Rock Concert - Steve Miller Band, with Uncle Mikey, Aunt Holly, Gramma, & Opa.

August - First Family Trip to North Carolina. We found shells, played games, flew kites, jumped in waves, and generally enjoyed beaching it with Gramma and Opa. Later in the month, Jack's cousin and family came from Japan for their First Visit to Indy! Children's Museum, State Fair, Monkey Joe's - not a single fun rock was left unturned. Cousin Shi-May also came with her family, and we had our First Visit with Baby Ethan. Cousins Galore! THEN - Alex and Dani had their First Day of Kindergarten! Ben had his First Day at Our New School, Sycamore! We are loving it there.

September - First Time Meeting Adorable Baby Marissa. The pool of cousins is growing growing growing!

October - First Musical for the girls - Beauty and the Beast. First Year Ben Chose His Halloween Costume (Luke Skywalker). First year Daddy was sick and stayed home from Trick-or-Treating :(

November - I escaped to Philadelphia and then Gettysburg with my dear friend Chrissa. We attended a conference (First time for me with SCBWI-PA!) where I renewed my love for the whole world of children's book writers, illustrators, and publishers. Jack managed, while on kid duty, to teach our girls all their sight word cards, clean my car top to bottom, and get all the laundry done. He rocked my job. Can't say I'd do as well, given his!

December - First year Picking and Chopping Down a Christmas Tree! It is our First Real Tree since Kids arrived. In utero, the girls enjoyed one in Tucson that was so dry it nearly posed a fire hazard. Indiana trees are much more fun.

Here we are! The start of a year to be remembered. Stay tuned. It may be hard for 2012 to top this past year. It was a good one. Not that you could tell from my blog!

May YOUR next year be full of Firsts, Fun, Health, Happiness, Prosperity, and Peace.