Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy 2007

Wow, 2006 is coming to a close. It was the biggest year ever for Jack and I, and at times it feels like the longest, even when the girls seem to be growing FAST and when most days fly by without anything getting done except baby fun. I'm thankful for the love, support, and laughs that our families and friends have given us this year. I'm thankful for a new home filled with my favorite people, both big and small. Well, ok, none of us are really BIG around here, but you get the picture. Thanks Jack, for the best year of my life. Thanks Shu, Tsong, Jean, Aaron, Clay, and O! Thanks Mom, Dad, Mike, Omi and Opi! Thanks Chrissa, Kris, Kathy, and all our loving friends who made this year easier and more enjoyable. Thanks blogger, for helping me reach out to everyone! ;)

Before the year closes, gotta post a few more pics. We had a great Christmas in Chicago with my parents, brother, grandparents, and friends. Dani and Alex ate some Christmas dinner straight from our plates. (Thanks Edita and August for a fun evening!) And they had fun with Gramma's push toys all weekend. We'll ALL be walking into the New Year, I suspect.

Well, back to bed. Happy 2007 to you all!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Hooray! Here's the 2006 Wei Family Xmas Card's "known issues" page has saved the day. I just needed to allow pop-up windows for and now I can post pictures again. Yeeha! Ok, here's our card. Hopefully the real thing will go out by mid-week.

I'd like to thank Jack for standing outside the window to get both girls looking in the same direction, and I'd like to thank the developers of Photoshop for making such a cool program.

Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah, Joyous Kwanzaa, and a Wonderful Winter Solstice to you all!!!

Technical Difficulties - Please Stand By

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a long while. You can blame the second season of Veronica Mars on DVD for my lack of "free time". AND you can blame Blogger, for convincing me to update to the new beta version, which has now denied me the ability to post pictures or do a lot of things that help keep this blog running. :( So I'll try to update everyone soon with more cute pics (I was even going to give you all a sneak peek at the 2006 Wei family xmas card, but alas...). In the meantime, here's what's new around here:
- Both Dani and Alex are cruising, and Dani can stand up without holding onto anything, but then she sits right down again.
- Alex got her first teeth! Two on the bottom, just like Dani. It's hard to get them to show them off unless they are crying, but I'll try to snap a pic.
- The girls love to "dance" to music - they rock on their bottoms or bend their knees if they are standing whenever we turn on some tunes!
- We are almost ready for Christmas, which we'll be spending up in Chicago with "Gramma and Grampa". I hope you all are having a lovely season and are having fun. I look forward to seeing a few people in the coming weeks!
Over and out for now. Hope to be back with pics soon.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy 70th, Ama!

Today our beloved Ama turns 70 (going on 55). She makes everyone's life a little better, and the girls adore her (as you can see). Thanks for being our Ama, Ama!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Swing Kids

Ok, I STILL haven't taken pictures of the playroom. We've been busy having fun, trying new foods, and stretching our "crusing" legs... Here's a pic of the girls' first ride in a big kid swing. Everything is easier when you do it together, right? ;)

Friday, November 17, 2006

We know what we stand for - Standing!

Here's a really long video of the girls interacting with each other and with their favorite carnival ride - the car seat. They protest when you put them in there for traveling purposes, but the minute they're out, it's all play. Watch how nicely they have learned to sit down after standing - thank goodness for fewer bonked heads! And note Dani's new favorite sound - the pterodactyl.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Our little fishes

One of the girls' new favorite activities is swim class. They've gone to 6 classes now and are very comfy in the water. Both like to kick their legs and splash their hands. Alex loves to float on her back (with help, of course) and Dani loves to keep a death grip on her rubber ducky all through class. They are pisces, so I should have guessed they'd be natural born swimmers. Perhaps their new underwater nursery mural helps too. Even at home, they're swimmin' with the fishes!

Click here to see a poorly tiled panorama of my mural in the nursery. It was fun to remember all the nifty stuff Jack and I saw while scuba diving last year in Bonaire. (and to make up a few fish here and there too...) For the next post, I'll take some pictures of the girls' "forest of flowers" playroom. These little kiddos of ours have provided a great excuse to break out the paintbrushes and dust off my creative brain for a few days. :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006


The girls have a really cute new habit - when left alone (or when they think they are alone) they start to giggle when they see each other. We caught a short snippet on video, which can't do justice to the cuteness of these moments.
Thanks to Dan Z for teaching me how to post this via You Tube! Check it out:

Now, while my girls are the MOST ADORABLE thing ever when you experience them laughing in person, I must say that my video has nothing on this one (it makes me laugh EVERY TIME):

Friday, November 03, 2006

A picture is worth a thousand words...

...So I'll let the pics do the updating! So much time has passed, and I'd just ramble on about how cute the girls are when they laugh at each other or pull to a stand or rub bananas in their hair. So here's the mega-picture update, brought to you from our new home in Carmel, IN:

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Let's take it outside

The girls had their first day in the sun since they've been able to sit on their own. The grass was green, the sky was blue, and everyone had fun. Click here to see my little animated gif...

It was almost like being back in Tucson!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sit Baby Sit! Good Baby. (Wah.)

Anyone remember that Ubu thing at the end of Cheers? No, ok I guess it's just me. So...yeah. The girls are sitting without support! It was amazing - one day they needed my help to sit without falling for more than a few seconds, and the next day they decided to balance themselves and could sit on their own for 10 minutes or more. And they automatically started falling in a graceful way, rolling to their stomachs and then happily picking up where they left off. (...for the most part. We still have those times when they fall backward and really thump their heads, and then tears flow. Theirs mostly. But sometimes mine, if they happen to be holding my hair or neck skin at the time of the fall.) They are also beginning to crawl and can make quite a bit of forward progress. Alex is still rolling to get places, for the most part, but when she sees the dog, it's army crawling time. He's so oblivious until the fur starts to tug...

Their new fav toys are their Bumper Jumper and Exersaucer. These are also my new favorite toys, as they give me a little break to do something other than introducing toys or keeping crawling babies from sucking on the dogs icky paws.

I'm going to experiment and try to post a movie to my website and link to it here. Let me know if you can get it to work. Be warned, it's a pretty big file. Give a minute to load.

Click here to see Alex bounce in Chicago.

We all, including Daddy, went for a walk in our new jogging stroller (thanks for the handme down, Wrights!). I'm not sure why they seemed so unhappy to be in there, but it cracks me up.

We're going to Chicago again this weekend, and the girls will meet their Uncle Mike! I can't wait to snap a few shots of him serenading them on guitar... with my new SLR digital camera! Yeeha. Thanks Jack. :) I'm one happy mommy.

One last note, this one goes out to preggers women everywhere... or anyone with teeth for that matter: Though time and energy are slim, always find time to FLOSS. Going for 18 months without a professional teeth cleaning is bad enough, but add to that the late night snacks that pregnancy tends to bring, and the fact that it's hard to remember what day it is when you're sleep deprived, let alone whether you've brushed, and you're well on your way to a mouth full 'o decay. I finally went to the dentist today and while the drill is not in my immediate future, it will be if I don't change my ways. (but not my wei's. I'm really very happy with all my Wei's... tee hee.)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who Loves Ya? Everyone does!

We went on a 10 day trip to Chicago recently, and then closed on our new house right after that. It's been a whirlwind month for the Wei's, and a really good one. It became even more clear to me in Chicago that the girls and Jack and I are loved by so many people! We're incredibly lucky. Thank you to everyone who took time out of your busy lives to visit with us in Chicago! In celebration of all the people who have touched the girls' lives in their short 6 months on planet Earth, I've made a poster of "20 great hugs". Many many more people have been influential to them, but there's only so much space on a 16 x 20 page! And I don't have photos of everyone who has sent gifts and well wishes. This poster will get printed and put in the playroom, so the girls can see how many people loved them before they were even half a year old. :)

If I were cool like my buddy Dan Z, I would have made outlines of each person in the key rather than just write their names. But I have two babies, so I'd rather get the extra sleep.
Speaking of sleep, the girls have been sleeping very well ever since we moved to Indy, and so I'm now spoiled with over 7 hours sleep each night! It's still not uninterrupted, but from what I've seen of my nephews, we shouldn't expect uninterrupted sleep until the girls go off to college. I'll take what I can get! Their big milestone the last few weeks is that they are both pushing up to their knees when they are doing tummy time. And Dani is actually making forward progress (aka, CRAWLING!) rather than just rolling and doing push ups!! I'm excited and scared at the same time. I'm sure in my next post I'll tell y'all about my new "herding" skills. Maybe Plato will step up and become a baby-herding dog.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Feeding Cereal 101

As I mentioned in the last post, our latest news is that the girls are beginning their journey towards becoming foodies. They've moved onto Oatmeal this week and have taken to it very well. I'd like to commemorate this achievement by looking back at their humble beginnings - the first taste of cereal. I'll let the pictures do the talking by posting what I like to think of as "Cereal for Beginners - a photo montage."

Since these photos were taken, the girls have done considerably better. But they still get it all over their mouths. A few more photos to illustrate why bibs rule the roost at mealtime.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Leaving Arizona

"But it's a DRY heat." We all have heard that phrase and laughed. 'Yeah, but a hundred and ten is a hundred and ten,' you say. It's true that the home we left 3 weeks ago was technically significantly hotter than our current home in Indianapolis. But I'm tellin' ya, 85 degrees with 75 percent humidity is going to be the death of me and my morning walk habit. The girls and I haven't ventured out for a stroll in DAYS. It's rediculous. Ok, I'll stop posting about the weather. I'm sure I've made my way onto some sort of "Most boring blog post" list now. Let's leave it at this - I miss Tucson's blue blue skies, beautiful mountains, and the fact that when I washed my hair, it used to dry in 15 minutes all on its own.

So we're in Indy now, and humidity aside, it's wonderful. In the words of my friend Lori Kennedy, "Family is everything." It's been great living in Jean and Aaron's home, with the "upstairs family" just a flight of stairs (or, if you're Jean today, a cell phone call!) away. Clay and Owen have been model cousins to the girls, playing with them, bringing them toys, making silly faces at them when they are crying, and generally being fun cousins! It confirms why we moved here every day I see them together. The "supper club" that Jean and I have created has also been a huge help. Jean's cooking has allowed me to slowly get used to being the girls' sole caretaker during the day, now that Ama and Akung don't live with us. I think the girls miss having her around - they've been talking a LOT less since we moved, and I suspect it's because they spend a lot more time alone, without adult interaction. In some ways it makes me really sad to know they don't get the attention that they used to, but I'm also proud that they've adjusted so well and are become more and more self sufficient. They are meeting tons of physical milestones because they spend a lot of time on the floor playing on their playmat. Alex not only rolls over from her back to her front, she now rolls from her front to her back. She just started that today! I'm excited now, but in a few days I'm sure I'll be cursing the ability because in this way, she can cover a lot of ground, rolling in the same direcion to get from place to place. Dani is also rolling back to front, and can go either to her left or her right. And her legs get stronger each day we practice standing up to be "Soooo Big!" Since we moved, she's made huge strides in arm strength and can push up her chest just as high as Alex can.

Every day they do something just a little better than the day before, and some days, like today, they make huge leaps all at once. When I saw Alex purposefully rock herself to roll from her tummy to her back, I remembered, yet again, that they aren't like Plato - they will just keep on learning and growing...forever! I'll never see them "plateau." It's awe inspiring. I wish I could have captured Alex's smile when she successfully completed her roll. She was beaming! And I was too! We fed off each other and I couldn't stop telling her how proud I was of her! And the coolest thing is that someday Dani will be proud for her too, and vice versa. That's a milestone I can't wait to see. They have already begun to interact with each other more each day. I can put them down facing each other and they'll be more content with whatever they are doing than if they were "alone."

The other big milestone in the girls' lives is the addition of rice cereal to their diet. It's been a few weeks; we're slowly getting them accustomed to this new thing called "solid food". Alex has taken to it very well the last few days, and Dani made huge strides today, swallowing most of it rather than pushing it onto her bib. I'll post some pictures of this new activity on my next post.
Our big family news (besides the kids' rolling skills) is that we've found and bought a new house here in Carmel! We were going to wait until the Tucson house sold to finalize anything, but this house was hot to move and we really found it to be the best of the 60 homes that we saw in our 3 weeks of searching. We don't close for a month and don't gain possession until the beginning of October, so I'll update everyone with our new address once we actually live there. For now, check out some pictures. Please be advised that all the stuff you see belongs to the current owner. Don't want everyone to think I've suddenly gained decorating skills (ahem, Kamila. Remember the "grand piano incident" from the last time we bought a house?!?).
I'll try to post more now that my computer is set up. The Chicago grandparents are coming down this weekend, so they'll get to see everything and everyone for themselves, but all you loved ones in cyberspace will have to wait for more pics. I'm thinking I'll link to a page on my website with photo montage of the girls. Gotta spread their adorableness.
Over and out for now.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Yet another post about sleep...

To keep George from crying (as a new father, he was unhappy to see that Everybody Doesn't Sleep) it's time to update you all on our sleep status here on Wei's World. The big news around these parts is that I've only been waking up once per night to feed the girls for the last week!!! Of course there are still a few fussy-time wakings, but those are easily fixed with some pats and shushing. The girls have been consistently sleeping at least one 4 to 5 hour block each night, and 3 hours for all other blocks. AND, the biggest news is that the longest sleep stretch is usually between 10 pm and 3 am. They used to sleep 5 hours at a time, but it was from 7pm to midnight, which meant I'd have to scarf down dinner and head to bed by 9pm to get the most out of this block. But now I stay up to 10pm, wake them up to top them off, and then go to bed after that. They even gave me 5 consecutive hours of sleep a few days ago! (George, Christina, I highly recommend this schedule. It's worked well for us.) The other thing that helps is a really dark room, so as you can see, I've rigged up a system of blankets to keep out that Arizona sun as looooonng as possible with the goal that Dani will sleep past 4:30am. The sun rises mighty early around here, thanks to our lack of daylight savings time, and our blinds were just NOT cutting it. Our next house will definitely have room darkening shades or curtains in the nursery! Well, I'm off to bed. The girls are fed and we'll see what happens tonight. Every day (and night) is an adventure! Keep on snoozin', world.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Captain's Log, BabyWeek 15, day 1

If this experience really were like StarTrek, there'd be TWO captains of the ship, and their names are Alexa and Danica. They really do call the shots around here, and they certainly have a crew of people at their service. Ama and Akung, Aunt Jean and Cousin Clay (and even Cousin Owen lends a hand now and then), and of course Mama & Daddy are all here to keep the ship hurtling towards new and exciting solutions to... managing bodily fluids. There's all the baby standards: poop, pee, urp, tears, drool... it's a cornicopia of liquid. And then Plato decides to contribute now and then. I spent the evening cleaning up dog vomit. (For all you childless readers out there, are you going to run out and double check your birth control supply? I don't want to scare anyone - there really are wonderful moments to the day too!!! I'll get to those in a second.)

But for now, I'll pretend that I'm at least the captain of my own life, and jot down some notes about this great journey called Motherhood. In all honesty, besides the sleep deprivation and explosive poo action, it's an incredibly satisfying way to spend your life. The girls are developing into marvelous little people, capable of eliciting a smile from everyone they pass, and they are expanding their understanding of their own bodies and the world so quickly. They've figured out that their arms and hands are attached to their bodies. They love to reach out and grab the fabric of my shirt, or their own onesies, or someone's finger, or a dangling toy. And their head control is really coming along. When we took family pictures, Dani even sat still and held her head up while I propped her up on the floor. (see the family photo below... thank goodness it didn't become an "Elaine's nipple shot" photo. I was skeptical when they were posing us...) Another great discovery lately is the sound of their own voices. They are "talking" up a storm! The house is never without the sound of cooing, especially with jabberjaws Alex around. I love just holding them with their faces towards me and having long "conversations". So all in all, I'd say being a mom is worth all the angst from separated stomach muscles and sleepless nights and urp stains and saggy "milk machines" and chaos. Especially with family nearby to help ease the strain. Which is why we're moving to Indianapolis in 3 weeks. Which is the topic for a whole other post, one that must be written some other day. Right now it's time to wake the girls for their midevening meal and then toddle off to bed.

Captain Kid Chaos, signing off.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Everybody doesn't sleep...

Well, since that last post, the girls have taken a few steps backward. They are not only NOT sleeping 7 hours at a time, they haven't even been sleeping 3 hours between wakings all night long. They are back to one stretch of 4 hours and then waking either to fuss, poop, or eat every 2 hours, and not always simultaneously. It's driving me batty. To top it all off, I've gotten into the bad habit of taking a long 1-2 hour nap during the day to make up for the lost sleep, so at 8pm, I feel pretty good and decide to "get something done" instead of going to bed as soon as possible to take advantage of their 4 hour block of sleep. That will end today, I guarentee it. On the bright side, the girls are talking and smiling up a storm. Alex is especially talkative, which is funny because we've decided her temperment is more like me and Dani's is more like Jack's. So I guess I must enjoy the sound of my own voice. Hmmm...maybe that's why I started a blog. It definitely helps to vent! It was all I could do not to run to the computer and post my annoyance at the girls' sleep habits this morning at 2am...

Here's a few close-ups to show the girls' features. Both were taken in the month of May. And as you can see, everyone (especially Alex here) is enjoying having Ama and Akung visit us!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Everybody sleeps!

The girls just successfully slept for the longest stretch of their ten and a half week lives! Dani slept 6.5 hours and Alex went for 7 straight hours!!! We are well on our way to sleeping through the night, and all this after a day of very good napping. I laid them down in their cribs and they were out in a few seconds for at least 2 of their naps yesterday. It was heavenly to watch.

The best part is that I got 4.5 hours just now, which is also the longest stretch in 10 weeks, save a really nice nap I took back around week 6 or 7 I think. I can't really take much more than that anyway or the milk machine will explode.

These photos I'm posting are from last week when I was on my own, before Shu & Tsong arrived. I'll fess up to posing Dani with that bear, but Alex got herself into that pretzel on the couch all by herself.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the wei's are on the web

Well, here's my first post on a new blog, and like many to come, it's being written in the wee hours of the morning after feeding the girls. I've decided to create a blog because I've been so bad at keeping track of who I've sent shutterfly albums to, as I've discovered thanks to Renee. This will be a place to put pics of the girls and our life as it unfolds. Mikey, this blog can be like a Ceiva for you! And it'll be an extension of the journal I started back in pregger days. Jack's friend Nate had a paper-scrap system for remembering funny stories about his kids, and I suspect this blog will be our system. So here's the first pic of the blog. It's last friday's "cute moment of the day." Enjoy! And see you again soon.