Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Yet another post about sleep...

To keep George from crying (as a new father, he was unhappy to see that Everybody Doesn't Sleep) it's time to update you all on our sleep status here on Wei's World. The big news around these parts is that I've only been waking up once per night to feed the girls for the last week!!! Of course there are still a few fussy-time wakings, but those are easily fixed with some pats and shushing. The girls have been consistently sleeping at least one 4 to 5 hour block each night, and 3 hours for all other blocks. AND, the biggest news is that the longest sleep stretch is usually between 10 pm and 3 am. They used to sleep 5 hours at a time, but it was from 7pm to midnight, which meant I'd have to scarf down dinner and head to bed by 9pm to get the most out of this block. But now I stay up to 10pm, wake them up to top them off, and then go to bed after that. They even gave me 5 consecutive hours of sleep a few days ago! (George, Christina, I highly recommend this schedule. It's worked well for us.) The other thing that helps is a really dark room, so as you can see, I've rigged up a system of blankets to keep out that Arizona sun as looooonng as possible with the goal that Dani will sleep past 4:30am. The sun rises mighty early around here, thanks to our lack of daylight savings time, and our blinds were just NOT cutting it. Our next house will definitely have room darkening shades or curtains in the nursery! Well, I'm off to bed. The girls are fed and we'll see what happens tonight. Every day (and night) is an adventure! Keep on snoozin', world.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Captain's Log, BabyWeek 15, day 1

If this experience really were like StarTrek, there'd be TWO captains of the ship, and their names are Alexa and Danica. They really do call the shots around here, and they certainly have a crew of people at their service. Ama and Akung, Aunt Jean and Cousin Clay (and even Cousin Owen lends a hand now and then), and of course Mama & Daddy are all here to keep the ship hurtling towards new and exciting solutions to... managing bodily fluids. There's all the baby standards: poop, pee, urp, tears, drool... it's a cornicopia of liquid. And then Plato decides to contribute now and then. I spent the evening cleaning up dog vomit. (For all you childless readers out there, are you going to run out and double check your birth control supply? I don't want to scare anyone - there really are wonderful moments to the day too!!! I'll get to those in a second.)

But for now, I'll pretend that I'm at least the captain of my own life, and jot down some notes about this great journey called Motherhood. In all honesty, besides the sleep deprivation and explosive poo action, it's an incredibly satisfying way to spend your life. The girls are developing into marvelous little people, capable of eliciting a smile from everyone they pass, and they are expanding their understanding of their own bodies and the world so quickly. They've figured out that their arms and hands are attached to their bodies. They love to reach out and grab the fabric of my shirt, or their own onesies, or someone's finger, or a dangling toy. And their head control is really coming along. When we took family pictures, Dani even sat still and held her head up while I propped her up on the floor. (see the family photo below... thank goodness it didn't become an "Elaine's nipple shot" photo. I was skeptical when they were posing us...) Another great discovery lately is the sound of their own voices. They are "talking" up a storm! The house is never without the sound of cooing, especially with jabberjaws Alex around. I love just holding them with their faces towards me and having long "conversations". So all in all, I'd say being a mom is worth all the angst from separated stomach muscles and sleepless nights and urp stains and saggy "milk machines" and chaos. Especially with family nearby to help ease the strain. Which is why we're moving to Indianapolis in 3 weeks. Which is the topic for a whole other post, one that must be written some other day. Right now it's time to wake the girls for their midevening meal and then toddle off to bed.

Captain Kid Chaos, signing off.