Thursday, August 10, 2006

Feeding Cereal 101

As I mentioned in the last post, our latest news is that the girls are beginning their journey towards becoming foodies. They've moved onto Oatmeal this week and have taken to it very well. I'd like to commemorate this achievement by looking back at their humble beginnings - the first taste of cereal. I'll let the pictures do the talking by posting what I like to think of as "Cereal for Beginners - a photo montage."

Since these photos were taken, the girls have done considerably better. But they still get it all over their mouths. A few more photos to illustrate why bibs rule the roost at mealtime.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Leaving Arizona

"But it's a DRY heat." We all have heard that phrase and laughed. 'Yeah, but a hundred and ten is a hundred and ten,' you say. It's true that the home we left 3 weeks ago was technically significantly hotter than our current home in Indianapolis. But I'm tellin' ya, 85 degrees with 75 percent humidity is going to be the death of me and my morning walk habit. The girls and I haven't ventured out for a stroll in DAYS. It's rediculous. Ok, I'll stop posting about the weather. I'm sure I've made my way onto some sort of "Most boring blog post" list now. Let's leave it at this - I miss Tucson's blue blue skies, beautiful mountains, and the fact that when I washed my hair, it used to dry in 15 minutes all on its own.

So we're in Indy now, and humidity aside, it's wonderful. In the words of my friend Lori Kennedy, "Family is everything." It's been great living in Jean and Aaron's home, with the "upstairs family" just a flight of stairs (or, if you're Jean today, a cell phone call!) away. Clay and Owen have been model cousins to the girls, playing with them, bringing them toys, making silly faces at them when they are crying, and generally being fun cousins! It confirms why we moved here every day I see them together. The "supper club" that Jean and I have created has also been a huge help. Jean's cooking has allowed me to slowly get used to being the girls' sole caretaker during the day, now that Ama and Akung don't live with us. I think the girls miss having her around - they've been talking a LOT less since we moved, and I suspect it's because they spend a lot more time alone, without adult interaction. In some ways it makes me really sad to know they don't get the attention that they used to, but I'm also proud that they've adjusted so well and are become more and more self sufficient. They are meeting tons of physical milestones because they spend a lot of time on the floor playing on their playmat. Alex not only rolls over from her back to her front, she now rolls from her front to her back. She just started that today! I'm excited now, but in a few days I'm sure I'll be cursing the ability because in this way, she can cover a lot of ground, rolling in the same direcion to get from place to place. Dani is also rolling back to front, and can go either to her left or her right. And her legs get stronger each day we practice standing up to be "Soooo Big!" Since we moved, she's made huge strides in arm strength and can push up her chest just as high as Alex can.

Every day they do something just a little better than the day before, and some days, like today, they make huge leaps all at once. When I saw Alex purposefully rock herself to roll from her tummy to her back, I remembered, yet again, that they aren't like Plato - they will just keep on learning and growing...forever! I'll never see them "plateau." It's awe inspiring. I wish I could have captured Alex's smile when she successfully completed her roll. She was beaming! And I was too! We fed off each other and I couldn't stop telling her how proud I was of her! And the coolest thing is that someday Dani will be proud for her too, and vice versa. That's a milestone I can't wait to see. They have already begun to interact with each other more each day. I can put them down facing each other and they'll be more content with whatever they are doing than if they were "alone."

The other big milestone in the girls' lives is the addition of rice cereal to their diet. It's been a few weeks; we're slowly getting them accustomed to this new thing called "solid food". Alex has taken to it very well the last few days, and Dani made huge strides today, swallowing most of it rather than pushing it onto her bib. I'll post some pictures of this new activity on my next post.
Our big family news (besides the kids' rolling skills) is that we've found and bought a new house here in Carmel! We were going to wait until the Tucson house sold to finalize anything, but this house was hot to move and we really found it to be the best of the 60 homes that we saw in our 3 weeks of searching. We don't close for a month and don't gain possession until the beginning of October, so I'll update everyone with our new address once we actually live there. For now, check out some pictures. Please be advised that all the stuff you see belongs to the current owner. Don't want everyone to think I've suddenly gained decorating skills (ahem, Kamila. Remember the "grand piano incident" from the last time we bought a house?!?).
I'll try to post more now that my computer is set up. The Chicago grandparents are coming down this weekend, so they'll get to see everything and everyone for themselves, but all you loved ones in cyberspace will have to wait for more pics. I'm thinking I'll link to a page on my website with photo montage of the girls. Gotta spread their adorableness.
Over and out for now.