Thursday, January 25, 2007

See how they run

Despite being sick for 4 days, the girls have made amazing strides (pun somewhat intended) in their walking! And I was excited to be able to catch it on video since they were compelled to show off their new skills to Ama on Tuesday. To put it all in perspective, I've decided to post an old video that hasn't seen the light of day yet to show how far they've come in only 10 months. Here's the first day they ever had "floor time", which was April 5, 2006:

And here's this week's walking extravaganza:

Amazing what a difference 9 months can make!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

We're 10 months old!

We've had some beautiful winter days this week - sun and snow bring plenty of smiles around here. And luckily, the photog at Picture People was able to extract a few smiles (albeit, not from both babies at once!) last friday when the girls turned 10 months old (despite the chill at home caused by our out-of-commission furnace... it's fixed now, thank goodness!).

We've had plenty of fun since my last post - Alex has figured out how to stand up without holding onto anything, and we've had playdates with our twin friends, the Jents, and visits with Ama and Akung. But one of my favorite things to do is go to the grocery store and let the girls ride in the cart. They love it! Especially when it's a neato keen race car cart. (insert joke here about the OTHER Danica...)

Today I made a quick card for the Milligans, who welcomed Anna Margaret into the world recently, and in doing so, I realized that I had made my first real drawing of the girls. Nothing big, but it made me feel so... normal! I'm sure there will be many more. They'll find their way into all my work, I suspect. Right now they just like to teethe on them, but soon they'll star in many books, if life goes as planned. :)

See if you can figure out which doodle is which girl.
Stay warm, all you friends out there!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Walking is the new crawling...

...and crackers are the new Cheerios! (The girls will consume them like fish food - they'll eat as many as you give them until they explode.) Our big news of the week: Dani has successfully taken her first 2-3 steps, as of Saturday January 6. But we have yet to catch it fully on video. However, this video will show you how well she stands up and how excited we are about her accomplishments:

You can also see what happens after a few days of "working hard" on a new skill by watching THIS video, taken this evening at 7:30pm (you'll need to turn up your sound):


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Illustrator's Workshop: Night Babies

A lot of people have been asking how I created the Christmas card image, so I made a little animated gif that should clear it all up. Click here to see my photoshop prowess. (ha ha... everything I know, I learned from Dan Z. From whom, by the way, I stole the concept of an Illustrator's Workshop. Thanks!) The mystery of the night babies has now been... REVEALED!