Friday, February 02, 2007

Spotlight on: Alex!

It's really easy to always think about "The Girls" because we pretty much do everything TOGETHER. But the girls have such different personalities! So I'm taking time the next 2 posts to give each girl the showcase she deserves. We'll go alphabetically, to keep me from feeling guilty about who to choose first.

Personality: Our super smiley socialite likes meeting new people and trying new foods (just like her mama) and can be, at times (usually 2am), a drama-queen. She's a roller coaster kid and LOVES to be thrown around, jump, and to 'surf' in her carseat (standing up and rocking). Here she is with her friend Logan and riding the "Daddy Coaster."

Favorite Food: Right now, it's bananas (just like her grampa!) and as you can see, she's very good at feeding herself like a monkey.

Quirks: With eyes like a detail freek (hmmm, who does she take after there...) Alex is able to pick up and eat the smallest bits of whatever she finds on the floor. And she loves to drink her bathwater.

Favorite toy: Her sister. She is constantly giving Dani "hugs" and tackling and tickling her, which Dani seems to put up with lately better than in the past. It's cute and it's hard not to run over and break it up because Dani is usually giggling until a sharp nail or pointy elbow gives her reason to cry. (Dani is actually on top in this pic, which is unusal. But it was too cute to leave out!)

Skills: Alex has been fearless in learning many physical things (rolling over, stairclimbing, jumping in the jumper) but has also excelled at using her hands and feet. She quickly picked up the sippy cup and could drink by herself. She's great at stacking the stacking cups inside one another and putting blocks into the bin. And when she holds your hand to walk, she always tries to kick a toy along as she goes. Our future soccer player! But it's not all moving and shaking around here. Both she and Dani love soft pillows and will fling their faces into them with gusto. Alex especially likes lounging on her back (Like her daddy!).

So that's our younger daughter in a nutshell. Next post: Dani!