Friday, March 30, 2007

The Two are One

Yeeha, the girls turned one! (Well, ok, it was weeks ago, but let's celebrate anyway!) I've been meaning to post pics! We had a nice little party with Gramma and Opa from Chicago, Ama and Akung, Aunt Jean, Uncle Aaron, Clay, and Owen. The girls are always so excited to see their cousins! Akung brought photos from when Aunt Jean and Daddy turned one:

Everyone agrees that Dani looks a lot like Aunt Jean at this age (with less hair of course!).
Ama brought over the traditional sticky rice and red colored eggs, and the girls liked the rice a lot. They also enjoyed their first cake.


Later in the week, they got all dressed up and I took some portraits.

Our little girls aren't babies anymore... snif.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spotlight on: Dani!

I'm finally making time to tell you all about Dani after weeks of craziness around here, including but not limited to: playdates, mastering walking, eating new table food every day, family-wide stomach flu during a visit to Gramma and Opa in Chicago, multiple birthday parties (On March 12, Dani and Alex turned ONE YEAR OLD! Yikes! Where did the time go??!?), and Aunt Chrissa visiting from Philly (who got to enjoy the stomach flu as well. Sorry C!) In the time in which I've been thinking about this post, Dani has actually changed quite a bit, so maybe my inability to multitask has actually helped keep this blog accurate. (Or maybe I'm just a lame-o.)

Personality: Dani USED to be our reserved, somewhat serious girl, but now she has found her smile and flashes it at everyone (except the pediatrician). She is quick to learn new things and very observant of the world around her. She loves making "jokes", especially putting her bottle in her mouth then removing her hands and shaking her head, or putting fabric on her head and walking around (sometimes bumping into things when she's covered her eyes), or making one her many silly faces. Here she is making a face that we've enjoyed since she was only 5 months old.

And here she's saying "ta da!" after playing peek-a-boo. She's our pink Mother Teresa.

Dani is very observant to the people and action around her. She always seems to be figuring out how something works; we often say that she's her daddy's girl.

Favorite food: Carbs. She started her addiction off with cheerios and now is far more willing to try something new if it is brown, breaded, or toastish. Which is why we weren't surprised that she loved her birthday cake(s). (Alex had chocolate cake for her candle and Dani had carrot. But they got a small slice of each for their dessert. Both were nearly in the clean plate club.) Here she's puffing out her belly to say to Daddy, "See how silly I am - I have cake on my tummy!"

Quirks: She will ask for more and more green beans to eat, but she is really chewing them and storing them, hamster style, in her cheeks until she spits out a big wad of green bean mush. She can even drink water and not swallow the beans! Besides her current aversion to green foods, she seems more open to eating non-carb foods when all the food on her tray is the same color. She's willing to try mango when we're eating mac 'n cheese, but not with grilled cheese. She's also afraid of the vacuum cleaner (hmmm... maybe I don't bring it out often enough...)

Favorite toy: Just like Alex, she always gets a kick out of playing with her sister. She loves to share, bringing Alex the extra cell phone or putting cheerios on her tray. And ever since Aunt Jean and Uncle Aaron gave us a playhut for the girls' birthday, Alex and Dani have been wrestling, surprising, and giggling with each other in the "house" or the tunnel. Their other fort is the toybox - Dani loves to climb inside and her sister usually follows. Hugs and kisses (sometimes a little roughly delivered, but with good intentions) always abound between those two. And if she's not playing with her sister, she's at least stealing her toy away (and then the tug of war and squeals begin...).

Skills: Dani learned to walk first, and she's now running whenever something (usually someONE, especially her cousins) gets her excited.

She's an excellent bear-hugger and has started giving them out wherever she goes, especially to other kids. Her motorskills are excellent. She is able to stack plastic pegs on top of each other (Gramma claims her 2 year olds can't do that), used a spoon to eat her birthday cake (her own idea) and loves to stir a spoon inside a cup while walking around and around the house (she spent at least an hour today playing that game, and even "fed" Mommy, Aunt Chrissa, and her doll). But I think we'd all agree that her hugging skills are our favorite.