Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Row Row Row Your Sister

Another recent video for you. Video is really my favorite thing right now, even though I love to take pictures - you can't beat seeing them in action to show how darn cute they are.

Sorry - this is pretty dark.

I swear, it didn't take much to teach them that song - one "dance" together in the livingroom and they took it from there. They just love playing together. And clapping. :)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's a sliding swinging splashing singing summer

Thought I'd post a few recent videos, which is really the only way to understand how ACTIVE our girls are at 15 months. It often feels like they're in constant motion and now that they are starting to "talk", there's a constant hum in the house as well.

Here's a (somewhat long) view of our playroom and some funny antics on the slide. Funny to themselves, most of all - I love how much they crack each other up.

We finally went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum for the first time and they had so much fun! I had to drag them away after almost 2 hours of running, stacking, pushing the lawnmower, watching other kids, and generally keeping Mom on her toes. As I pushed them in the stroller to the car, I realized that they had so much energy they just couldn't keep it bottled up as they sat...

And last but not least, here's a peek into Dani's new favorite word, "Upah." (Sorry Opa, it's not about you yet.)

And of course, to keep things in perspective, here's a video from exactly a year ago - to the day - to compare with Dani's favorite word video - here's June 5, 2006:

Oh, how deluded we are in those early days... how could we have thought that was nearly as exciting as what we have today!