Friday, November 16, 2007

Laughing all the Wei Hahaha

Yes, I already have Christmas songs stuck in my head now. And since jingle bells may be useful for this year's holiday card, it was on the tip of my fingers as I titled this post. But it's true - the girls make us laugh every day. For example...

On Halloween, Dani was really into Clay and Owen's electric guitar that plays heavy metal riffs on its own. So much so that (I wish I had my video cam for this) she started head banging while playing! I have no idea where she got that idea - Laurie Berkner and Raffi are hardly teaching her to head bang...

And our little bookworm Alex was captured on film by Daddy last weekend. What else would a 20 month old want to read but some thrilling Tom Clancy?!?

Today's funny story goes along with the potty theme, too. Daddy was holding both girls when I asked, "Alex, are you stinky?" to which she replied, "No. Dani's poopy."

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another Wei on the Way!

Yep, that's right. This blog name may need to change to "Wei 3 Be" because we're expecting a singleton in April. We're excited and the baby is doing fine. Today was the big 18 week ultrasound, so I actually have pics to post. We had one other at 11 weeks, but it was a pretty mundane pic... 'Yep, it has a head and arms. Ok, back to life.' (funny how things change the second time around, eh? Last time the girls had had over 5 ultrasounds by now and I was excitedly posting every single one) So, here's Baby Wei, loner. We're not going to find out the sex of it until we meet him/her in person, so we have another 22 weeks to go until we can say, "It's a...."!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Not quite Siamese...

Happy day after Halloween! We had a great time yesterday with our little kitties. They marched in the parade at school (a few laps around the parking lot - thank goodness for sunny warm weather!)

Then we went over to trick-or-treat with "Ama", Ahkoh", "Ah Jee", "Ohnco", "Kay" and Owie". (For those of you who don't speak 19 month old, that's Ama, Akung, Aunt Jean, Uncle Aaron, Clay, and Owen.) The girls totally got it after the first few houses. They happily walked up the steps, opened their bags, and said "tankoo." Then it was off to the next house in the wagon. They discovered that taking candy out of their bags is a LOT of fun, because that's what candy is for, right? To crinkle and put in and out? That's Daddy story and he's sticking to it. ;)

Then back at Aunt Jean's, Alex decided to do a tribute to the drawings of my buddy Dan Zettwoch.