Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pit Stop

We acquired two Cozy Coupes a few weeks ago and it's finally started warming up enough to vroom around on the driveway. The girls LOVE them, and so does Mommy because I can help push them without bending down very far! Dani and Alex decided to do some "fixing like Daddy" and asked for tools for their new cars. They spent 15 adorable minutes tuning up their vehicles!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Doubled up on fun AGAIN!

Just like our double holiday celebrations, we had double the birthday parties. With a visit from Gramma and Opa last weekend, almost the whole family (we missed you Uncle Michael!) was here in Indy for the girls' birthday dinner/Easter egg hunt. Dani and Alex are already pros at opening presents and eating cake and it was definitely amazing to see how much they've grown in one year. Here are a few memories from last year:

This year we started with an egg hunt and they were actually able to look on their own and find almost all the "easy" ones we hid. Being 'I Spy' aficionados has definitely helped their hide and seek skills!
Alex finds one:

Dani too:

Alex looking at her stash:

Dani's first peep:

Dinner and cake followed.

Alex, by Dani's request, got to have her birthday song sung first this time:

Then Dani got her turn. They both, eventually, blew out their own candles this year, but Dani did quite a bit of the ole' bottom lip blowing up into her own hair technique before hitting the candles:

This year, for cake, they were using FORKS!

Presents galore followed. They now each have their own aprons (mini versions of Mommy's new one!) and they seem to like them - the next day they helped make ham balls for Easter dinner.

It's hard to believe it's been 2 years since that snowy day in Tucson (that's right - it SNOWED in Arizona the day they were born). Year 3 will hold many more surprises, I'm sure. In a few weeks, they'll be big sisters!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just 5 more weeks to be preggers

We finished painting the new nursery this week (pictures to come) and it's feeling very real now. So I guess I'll post the first professional maternity photos I've ever had taken. Big thanks go to the lovely ladies at m cubed photography, aka my sister-in-law (and sister at heart) Jean and her talented business partner Nelly. May their new business grow as big as my belly has.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Two are Two!

"I'm two!"

"I'm two too!" says Alex.

Ok, we're two and a day as of this post. Mommy is a bad blogger. But
here's our party yesterday. We blew out our candles really well. (Note
from Mommy: Listen close during the birthday song for Dani and you'll
hear Alex reminding everyone that it's her turn next.)