Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Benny & the Jets, I mean Girls

Poor Alex. We've been getting the girls excited for the arrival of their baby sibling, and then the minute he arrives, Alex gets a fever and cough and is quarantined away! After keeping them from getting too huggy/touchy all week, yesterday they finally got to "hold" him.

Alex loves his little hands and nose.

Dani, our baby crazy little mommy, could barely contain herself.

Here's a few more close ups of the new Wei. Ben has been a pretty good sleeper so far. I love when he gets his left arm free from the swaddle. This was the arm that had his IV in it, so maybe he's used to it being out to his side!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


We have a baby! "He came out!" as the girls have been saying all day. Benjamin Mason Wei arrived thursday April 17 at 9:11pm weighing 8 pounds exactly (8 is my lucky number!) and measuring 20 inches. It was an easy delivery for me, but a bit of a rough time for him - he had the cord around his neck which the doctor promptly removed, but it caused him to have trouble breathing at first. He was breathing very fast and it was taking a lot of energy to do it, so he was whisked off to the NICU and was observed, without needing oxygen, for our entire 48 hour stay. But after the first night, it was clear he was very strong and was definitely the healthiest kid in there. He outweighed his neighbors, the twins, by leaps and bounds! Every time I visited him, that sesame street song played in my head... "One of these things is not like the other..." So he was able to come home with us right away with a clear bill of health and we're overjoyed to be here with him. The girls met him finally this morning and were giddy with excitement, especially our resident baby expert, Dani. Alex unfortunately is running a fever and coughing, but she mustered as much energy as possible to meet her brother and give him adorable pats on the head. Fingers crossed for everyone else, especially Ben, to stay healthy.

Anyway, it's almost time for another feeding (As Jean used to say, "Mom's Diner: food's great, service is slow" LOL), so here are a few early pics. Many MANY many more to come!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well, yesterday (which was just 5 hours ago) was my due date and nothing looked imminent on the newWei front. The OB found the baby in a transverse (sideways) position AGAIN on Monday, for the second week in a row, and there'd been no change in anything to show the baby was ready to come. So the doc pushed Baby head down again to see if he/she would stay this time, and as of last night I was sure he/she was not thanks to the double mountainous shape of my belly instead of the nice cone shape I took after the appointment. But all night I've been having some pretty good contractions, so we'll see if this could be it. I figure if I'm not sleeping I might as well sit at my computer! So here's a poem. Like many sentimental things lately, it made me teary the first time I read it. Maybe at least my preggers friend SHB will appreciate it. :)It was not credited when I found it on the walls of my OB so, sorry out there to whoever wrote this.

These Last Few Hours
It is important to me
that I spend a part
of the next few hours here
alone with you in the darkness

You and I
will never be this close again.
By morning
you will be a tiny person
all your own

No longer the kicking, demanding
bulge in my body
that I have grown to love so well

I pray that God will safely guide
you on your journey tonight
and I ask Him for the strength
to help you all I can

Again, you signal
your impatience to be free

Time to wake up your daddy.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Watermelon Sisters

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, so we ate snack outside. The girls had picked a mini watermelon at Trader Joes and they were excited to try it. They were guarding it closely from Plato, and at one point, Alex was trying to keep him away from his sister's piece. They look out for each other now and ask for each other. It's adorable to hear them say loudly, "Where are you?" and the other calls out, "I'm right here" from another room in the house.

Today was a "school day" and the note written on Alex's paper was the cutest we've ever gotten from their teachers:
"Alexa and Danica are best friends. When they talk to each other they smile and hug, run in the playground and hold hands."

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Daddy makes good videos

He always catches the cutest moments. This one speaks for itself.

Dani is baby crazy (she and Alex and going to be good big sisters!).

Alex is the Queen of Silly Walks. Here she is getting ready to "paint" Bob Builder.