Thursday, May 15, 2008

In Memory of Plato

We lost a member of our family today. He's had a rough time the last few years between moving to Tucson, moving to Indy, the additions in our family, and his own health problems, but I know how much we love him and hope that he felt loved through it all. I miss him already.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

3 weeks with 3 kids

Today Ben is three weeks old! He's a very good baby and his sisters, as we expected, have been great big sisters, always patting him, wanting to help Mommy, and talking about "my buddy Benny." He's generally easy to care for - good eater, not fussy, etc. But we could both use a bit more sleep. Jack is on duty with the girls at night and they haven't been sleeping without waking at least once each since Ben came home. And I'm on baby duty, which may be a bit more predictable than girl duty - he wakes every 2 - 3 hours to eat, and then (unlike his sisters at this point in their lives) he goes right back to sleep (usually). So he has his days and nights figured out pretty well. However, during all his awake time, he wants to be held. So, today was a HUGE breakthrough when he finally took to being in the sling and actually SLEPT in it - twice! I did puzzles with the girls after dinner while he sling slept. Hooray for 2 free hands!

I've been convinced that he looks like Dani at this age, so here's a photo of the 3 of them. See what you think.