Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dancing with the stars

We've gone to a couple kid concerts this summer with Ama and the girls especially enjoyed when Stacia Demos sang Twinkle Twinkle. Alex does a great "grand finale" to her singing...

One Year? He's A Quarter of the Wei, I mean Way

Last week, Ben turned 3 months old and boy is he cute. He's added a lot to his "resume" - laughing, grasping fabric with his hands, bringing his hands together over his chest, and occasionally batting at toys hanging above him. Daddy is the best at making him laugh, but I tried on his 3 month birthday and recorded it for all you loved ones out there who want to do some virtual cheek pinching. And they ARE pinchable - he's weighing in at 16 pounds these days - double his birth weight in only 3 months (that's about twice as fast as most kids do it. With my genes flowing through his veins, this may be the only thing he ever does fast...)

Here's Ben's first movie on this blog! (I had this all ready to upload that day and it turned out the video was too big. Hooray for iMovie and compression abilities...)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

2 2 2

A week from today, I won't have 2 2-year-olds and one 2-month-old anymore... Ben will be 3 months old! So here are a few shots of Ben at 2 months.

Hey, who's there?

Look, these things can come together!

Hanging around with Mom (one of his fav spots)

One week away from 3 months!

Everybody Poops!

Dani's doin' her doody duty...

It's amazing what potty training can do to you... I spend HOURS every day keeping the girls company in the bathroom, waiting for them to pick out the perfect jelly bean or M&M and stickers after they go pee, and cleaning potty chairs for the next day. But when it all starts to work and you see how proud they are of themselves, it's totally WORTH IT! And this week has been a great week for them, culminating in a big (ahem) accomplishment - Alex pooped in the potty for the first time!!!! And Dani did too for the first time in months! And I was SO HAPPY. I think we've turned a corner. I give some of the credit to the new potties I brought home today - baby Bjorn brand "little potties" (or Squatty Potties as I'm calling them). They are simple, small, and force kids to sit in a way that's conducive to doin' their thang. I highly recommend them. Plus there's just one piece to keep clean, which should cut at least 15 minutes of sanitation out of my day!

Here are the proud poopers. When I snapped this pic, Alex (on the right) was saying, "Like a statue" since her doodie was standing up tall. ;)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

He Sleeps!

Ben has successfully slept for 5 hours straight tonight! So I got 3.5 hours of sleep... ALL IN A ROW! That hasn't happened in almost 3 months, and man did it feel good. Hopefully I won't have to post again like I did with the girls , announcing, sadly, that he's not sleeping well again. But this 5 hour thing has happened 3 times now so maybe it's a trend, even though it hasn't happened three days in a row... oh well, we'll see. I'm just psyched to feel so rested! And I still get to go back to bed for MORE shuteye. Woohoo!