Thursday, October 30, 2008

Even more progress

One day after pulling to his knees, Ben decided to keep movin' on and is now pulling to his feet! Our pediatrician saw him today for his 6 month check up and said he's progressing faster than any 6 month old she's seen in her 13 years of work. I can't decide if I'm tickled or sad to see my little guy growing up so fast. He's also keeping up with his sisters in other ways - he got his first ear infection last week. :( Hopefully we'll get to stay away from the Ear Nose and Throat Doc with him, but if he gets tubes like his sisters, I won't be surprised.

The girls are speeding ahead in their development as well. Dani has been drawing amazing shapes and filling up pages, coming back to a single drawing throughout the day. Our walls are getting full of both girls' beautiful art!

Alex enjoys drawing too, usually making large sweeping movements with many different colors, but she also loves pretend play and finds incredibly creative ways to use her toys. Here she is "making muffins".

Tomorrow should be a fun day of trick-or-treating and a parade with their school friends. I'll post pics of our bunny, Elmo, and doggie ASAP!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Keeping up with the Wei girls

Ben is determined to be a toddler. He pulled himself to his knees today for the first time and was looking into the big bin of balls when I found him. He's exactly 6 months and 1 week old. STOP GROWING SO FAST little man!!! I need my baby to be a baby for at least a few more months!!! Halloween and fall leaf pics coming soon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sit ups

Today was the first time since August I actually recorded one of Ben's milestones in my journal... He sat up from a crawl! That's right, not only did he sit himself up, but he's crawling. I've been meaning to post about that but it's been crazy around her since the last week of September when I fled the house for a weekend in San Diego - the first time I've left Ben for more than a few hours. I figured he would learn to crawl while I was gone, just to spite me, but he waited until a few days later and is now doing a very strong army crawl style forward movement. His favorite "toys" to dart towards are electrical cords and the tubes on my breast pump! After that very fun trip with the ole' Wash U illustrator crew (thanks for 2 FUN days, guys!!! And Congrats Chris! It was a GREAT wedding. Everyone should have a photo booth at their reception!) I hosted a twins club board meeting at my house, spent a week with Chrissa working on the book (it's OUT! We'll see if our chosen Rep bites on the project), organized a table at local baby expo all weekend, started having back spasms (I should be doing sit ups now too... Oh, physical therapy, why are you so hard to fit into my day...) and am now finishing 3 Halloween costumes. After tomorrow's spooky party, I'll try to post a few pics of everyone and a very cute video of the girls on their teeter totter. :)

Here's Ben, at 6 months old.

And here's our second annual trip to the pumpkin patch