Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daddy sandwich

Dad is always the best jungle gym on rainy days. Winter's going to tough on Jack's back... this is 60 pounds of squirmyness on him!

Alex the acrobat:

Ben does steps

Ok, it's getting a bit ridiculous now - Ben has a new milestone almost every day. He's now able to completely stand while holding something (like the TV or my leg) and today he did not one but FIVE steps in an attempt to follow his sisters up the stairs. I'll try to catch a video tomorrow but it's hard to make sure he doesn't fall AND grab the camera! Here's his first attempt 5 days ago.


Even though we try to eat local as much as we can, I can't resist really good looking organic raspberries at Costco (our second home) whenever I see them. The girls can't resist them either!
Dani started this at dinner

Then Alex joined in

Aren't we funny?!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Leafing

Gramma and Opa visited a few weeks ago when the leaves were first starting to fall. Thanks to "Little Bear" (yay Maurice!) the girls get very excited when leaves fall like rain... "It's Leafing!" they squeal. Gramma got plenty of leaves down her shirt and plenty of giggles. And we all got to enjoy hot chocolate (the girls' first!) afterward.

I can't keep up

To give you an idea of how fast Ben is growing up (and how he's VERY MUCH a boy), today's "firsts" included first time smashing his own fingers in a drawer and first time muscling up one step to sit on a platform. I wish I'd caught a picture of both (he looked at that drawer, mad as all get out, like it was a dragon who'd bit him!). Instead, here are a few recent smiley shots and one of my new haircut. ;)

No one but me is probably interested in this stuff, but I've gotta preserve SOME memory of Ben's babyhood and this is the only place information is being stored right now! I haven't touched the baby calendar since he started grasping objects 4 months ago. Poor kid. I wrote down every day that the girls tried a new vegetable, every check up weight, every milestone until they were 18 months...

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Three for Halloween

We had a beautiful day here on friday and the girls had a great time being out in their costumes, especially for trick or treating.
Our little bunny Alex was happy to hop along:

Elmo Dani was la-la-la-laughing all the way to each door:

And Benny the dog was taking a catnap for much of the fun:

As we've done every year, we went trick or treating with Clay and Owen in their 'hood (where they actually have houses with KIDS instead of RETIREES!). It was a blast (into outer space!)