Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa Claus came to town

We had a wonderful holiday this week here at home in Indy. Christmas Eve dinner was with Ama and Akung and then Gramma and Opa arrived Christmas day in the afternoon. I'll post more pictures soon of wrapping paper ripping, train tables in use, princess dresses being worn 24/7, and the like. For now, here are the letters the kids wrote on Christmas Eve. I was thinking I would write the note with them telling me what to write, but they wouldn't hear of it! It was worth getting them off to bed a bit late...

Dani wrote with Daddy's help:

translation: Dear Santa, Please leave presents under the tree. Love, Dani (the stickers are there to cover up drawings which did NOT please Dani. She is VERY particular about the results of her artistic endeavors.)

Alex wrote with Mommy's help:
translation: Dear Santa: Daddy said to take toys. But he is silly. Love, Alex (this was in response to an idea Jack had earlier about what Santa should REALLY do when he came to visit...)

Ben was on his own. Not bad for a 20 month old! (Mommy helped with the name)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter begins

It's been a very wintery few weeks while we get ready for the holidays. The kids enjoyed getting outside for last week's first snow and we've now baked cookies as a family for the first time with Ben. It went surprisingly well! Ben loves doing anything his sisters are doing and his sisters have become quite skilled in all things crafty/homey. Alex exclaimed multiple times during our cookie making, "I love baking!" Hooray! So do I, Alex. Dani especially liked the decorating, which is not a surprise to us - she LOVES drawing and making things look pretty. They both enjoyed painting pottery for the first time a few weeks ago (items to be revealed soon! Can't spoil the surprise!)

So from all of us here at Chez Wei - Happy Holidays!




First snow, first snowflakes Ben has eaten on purpose!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dani's play

I've been very very behind in posting, so here's a quick synopsis:

- Before Halloween: I got sick. With the flu. It really knocked me out. Not sure if it was H1N1 but it felt bad. And lasted for weeks. Ugh.

- Halloween: Dani was Cinderella and thoroughly enjoyed her costume and all her Halloween parties (3). She made her own crown. Alex was a butterfly with beautiful wings that she painted herself and was miserably sick. She missed every single party that whole week. Ugh. Ben was a panda who refuses to keep on its ears. He played the part well.

- After Halloween: Chrissa came from Philadelphia for a week's visit and a picture book conference, and she got sick. Ugh. Just for a day, luckily. We are a bacteria factory. But she and I had a wonderful time at the conference, learned a lot about how to make our book better (ie shorter and more marketable), and even got critiques from an editor and art director from a major publisher. We're working hard to get it ready for another submission. Exciting times!

- Week before Thanksgiving, Ben came home from school with an ear infection. We got him meds and drove up to Chicago for a nice visit with Omi, Gramma, and Opa.

- Week after Thanksgiving: Dani gets sick with a high fever that lasts 4 days. She's finally healthy now and have fingers crossed that Alex and Ben (and Jack and I) avoid the fever sickness (we already have colds).

But it hasn't all been snot and Motrin - we've had some fun too! Dani adores her Cinderella dress so much that she wears it almost every day. A few weeks ago, she asked us all to watch a play. I've been trying to post this video for weeks but my iMovie skills are lame and it's a long video. So here is Dani's play in three acts. Enjoy! (It's long, but funny.)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Family Fun

Last week was a Daddy-stay-home week (aka vacation, without the traveling) so he helped pack in some family fun (and some house projects... chopped down a tree, cleaned my car, fixed a million little things, etc. all while we got a new roof!). We had a blast going to Stuckey farm again this year for apple and pumpkin picking. Everyone was old enough to participate instead of just scream, and we did a LOT of walking, picking, and eating.

Dani snacktime!

Daddy helps pick

Benny is thankful for teeth

Pumpkins were especially fun, even just to see how different each of our kids can be. Total time taken to pick a pumpkin: Alex - 45 seconds, Dani - 20 minutes and a half mile of walking, Ben - happy to have one chosen by Ama.

Dani is happy with her choice

Alex's new pet ladybug

Despite 50 degree nights, we let the girls camp out in the backyard with our new tent. Jack had first shift while I stayed inside with Ben (and my work) and then I went out to finish the night. It was COLD but dry and I slept really really well in the perfect smells of fall...

Finally, at the end of the week we took time for some crafts (My fav!) and got in the Halloween spirit. ;)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sound bites from the breakfast table

"Mommy, can we start having our birthday in September?"

"Benny, that bow looks cute in your hair."

"Hurt my lungs, Mommy! Hurt my lungs please!"

We start our days around here with a nutritious breakfast of fruit, milk, carbs, and silliness.

Monday, September 07, 2009

In Memory of Opi

It's been an emotional few weeks since our visit to Chicago and I've been trying to find a way to express myself in the aftermath. That visit turned out to be my last chance to be with Opi, and I'm thankful for that time and all the other times he and I were together. He was not ill these last few months but just sort of gave up. At age 92, he was ready to move on and he did. I miss him. For the memorial service, I was able to scan pictures from Omi's beautiful heritage albums for a slide show. It was nice to spend time with Opi and his happy moments. He lived a simple but rich life, and he and his music touched those around him.

Dani's meltdown

The scene: outside Ama's house, just before naptime.

Dani: "Oh no! My balloon!" (shrieks of fear and sadness begin)

Daddy: "I asked you if you wanted me to put it on your wrist and you told me you would hold onto the balloon."

Dani: (wailing and throwing herself to the pavement) "Daaaaaddyyyyyy, you shouldn't have listened to me!!!!"

(on the sidelines, Mommy works hard not to laugh)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lovin' Summer

As you can see, we've been busy busy busy having fun this summer...

Last week the girls got haircuts, so I snapped a few pics in front of our newly painted house.

Dani loves flowers:

Alex loves to make people laugh... and laugh herself!

Then after haircuts, we visited Omi and Opi in Chicago (and Gramma and Opa and Romeo, not pictured but much beloved.)

Ben's first playdate. We got together with his buddy Zach whose sister Lily is in preschool with the girls now:

Swim lessons!

The kids LOVE their new swingset, sandbox (thanks Aunt Jean and Uncle Aaron!) and playing in water. Ben's fav is to run in the hose while I'm watering the veggies. And we have a bike seat for him now so we can all go for a ride.

Alex's sand creation:

Sandy Dani:

Daddy worked hard to build it so he gets to play too!

Eh, you hosers...

He's normally not too happy to wear it, but when he does... so cute!

Growin' lots of veggies (tomatoes are finally ripening too!) My baseball bat zuc made 3 batches of bread with 1/4 of it still to spare!

Alex in the carrot frame...

Monday, August 10, Alex and Dani started a new school with Mrs. L. They have had 2 days of fun so far! (even if they didn't think they would when they got there. This is their "first day" picture...)

More fun to come! Hard to believe the school year has begun. Maybe once Ben is at school 2 days a week in September I'll post more often!