Thursday, March 26, 2009

Girls' Third Birthday Videos

We've now already had Ben's first birthday party, but I've wanted to post the girls' party for weeks. With Ben getting sick last week and a lot of work on the book submissions (all no, so far), plus a few days of party planning/cooking, it's been a busy time Chez Wei.

I don't have many pictures of the girls and their party - too busy orchestrating - but here are the cake videos. The funny lines you see on everyone's faces are face paint. Caillou did face painting on his birthday so the girls just had to do it too. ;)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kids Say the Funniest Things, episode 4,278

Yesterday we let the girls take a bath in our "spa bath" with the jets on and bubbles and once we finally pulled them out of there, protesting all the way, Alex squealed, "But we want more tickle tub Mommy!"

Today I asked Dani to start cleaning up her toys faster so we could get upstairs to bedtime, asking her to stop looking at everything and start putting it away. She replied, "But I NEED to look at things Mommy. I have eyes."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ben took his first steps

Not to be overshadowed by the girls' birthday, Ben's latest acheivement is a few steps before he falls int our arms! He took these on Sunday when Ama visited. She brings out the walkies in all my kids! I was happy to get to see them, even if they weren't directed towards me. ;) I'll catch it on video eventually.

Today he figured out how to stack pegs, which have been his fav toy lately along with our little car simulator toy. He's all boy!

The Twins Turn Three Tomorrow!

This post is not only historic in that my babies are going to be THREE YEARS OLD in less than 12 hours from now, but it's ALSO my 100th post! I've probably said it a million times (or at least 100. LOL!) but I'll say it again - man does time fly! Some days it feels like just yesterday that we moved here from Tucson (and I still consider myself an Indy "newbie") and sometimes I feel like the time even before Ben was a million years ago. It's strange, being a mom. Wonderful and strange. And tiring. Which is why I'm off to wrap presents and go to bed. I'll post actual birthday pics soon, after their party on Saturday with the whole family. (We'll have face paints and a bouncy house. Woohoo!) For now, here are some three year pics we took today in their new dresses. Alex is in the green floral and Dani is in white, which she demanded to wear. She's going to be the wedding-happy one, I can tell already. They'll don these at Jack's cousin's wedding in May. If I'd let them, they would have worn them every day until then...
Note the comparison with their birth announcement pic. :) We unintentionally caught them in the same spots even!

PS: Congrats to Rachel and Dave! Katherine is beautiful.

And here's what happens when you play pin the tail on the donkey with three year olds. ;)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Grocery horse

The girls had their first rides on the grocery store horsie on tuesday. It was fun to watch them enjoying the simple things in life. :o) Benny will get his turn eventually...