Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lovin' Summer

As you can see, we've been busy busy busy having fun this summer...

Last week the girls got haircuts, so I snapped a few pics in front of our newly painted house.

Dani loves flowers:

Alex loves to make people laugh... and laugh herself!

Then after haircuts, we visited Omi and Opi in Chicago (and Gramma and Opa and Romeo, not pictured but much beloved.)

Ben's first playdate. We got together with his buddy Zach whose sister Lily is in preschool with the girls now:

Swim lessons!

The kids LOVE their new swingset, sandbox (thanks Aunt Jean and Uncle Aaron!) and playing in water. Ben's fav is to run in the hose while I'm watering the veggies. And we have a bike seat for him now so we can all go for a ride.

Alex's sand creation:

Sandy Dani:

Daddy worked hard to build it so he gets to play too!

Eh, you hosers...

He's normally not too happy to wear it, but when he does... so cute!

Growin' lots of veggies (tomatoes are finally ripening too!) My baseball bat zuc made 3 batches of bread with 1/4 of it still to spare!

Alex in the carrot frame...

Monday, August 10, Alex and Dani started a new school with Mrs. L. They have had 2 days of fun so far! (even if they didn't think they would when they got there. This is their "first day" picture...)

More fun to come! Hard to believe the school year has begun. Maybe once Ben is at school 2 days a week in September I'll post more often!