Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sound bites from the breakfast table

"Mommy, can we start having our birthday in September?"

"Benny, that bow looks cute in your hair."

"Hurt my lungs, Mommy! Hurt my lungs please!"

We start our days around here with a nutritious breakfast of fruit, milk, carbs, and silliness.

Monday, September 07, 2009

In Memory of Opi

It's been an emotional few weeks since our visit to Chicago and I've been trying to find a way to express myself in the aftermath. That visit turned out to be my last chance to be with Opi, and I'm thankful for that time and all the other times he and I were together. He was not ill these last few months but just sort of gave up. At age 92, he was ready to move on and he did. I miss him. For the memorial service, I was able to scan pictures from Omi's beautiful heritage albums for a slide show. It was nice to spend time with Opi and his happy moments. He lived a simple but rich life, and he and his music touched those around him.

Dani's meltdown

The scene: outside Ama's house, just before naptime.

Dani: "Oh no! My balloon!" (shrieks of fear and sadness begin)

Daddy: "I asked you if you wanted me to put it on your wrist and you told me you would hold onto the balloon."

Dani: (wailing and throwing herself to the pavement) "Daaaaaddyyyyyy, you shouldn't have listened to me!!!!"

(on the sidelines, Mommy works hard not to laugh)