Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Family Fun

Last week was a Daddy-stay-home week (aka vacation, without the traveling) so he helped pack in some family fun (and some house projects... chopped down a tree, cleaned my car, fixed a million little things, etc. all while we got a new roof!). We had a blast going to Stuckey farm again this year for apple and pumpkin picking. Everyone was old enough to participate instead of just scream, and we did a LOT of walking, picking, and eating.

Dani snacktime!

Daddy helps pick

Benny is thankful for teeth

Pumpkins were especially fun, even just to see how different each of our kids can be. Total time taken to pick a pumpkin: Alex - 45 seconds, Dani - 20 minutes and a half mile of walking, Ben - happy to have one chosen by Ama.

Dani is happy with her choice

Alex's new pet ladybug

Despite 50 degree nights, we let the girls camp out in the backyard with our new tent. Jack had first shift while I stayed inside with Ben (and my work) and then I went out to finish the night. It was COLD but dry and I slept really really well in the perfect smells of fall...

Finally, at the end of the week we took time for some crafts (My fav!) and got in the Halloween spirit. ;)