Tuesday, November 09, 2010

With love, for Tsong

It's been six months. There's no way to catch up and catch everything. So I'll just start back up again... where it's most important - family. And the changes life bring us all.

It was 10 years ago, almost exactly this week of November, when Tsong, Shu, Jack and I had our amazing trip to Taiwan and Japan. The leaves were brilliant shades of fall, the chrysanthemums were blooming, and Tsong was happy as a clam to be in his home country and his adopted country.

It was almost exactly a month ago, on September 30, that Tsong left us, after weeks and months of sickness in the hospital, at home, and at our home. While we continue to mourn, I suspect he would love for us to remember times like I've found in countless pictures (one of his favorite hobbies!) - times when he was creating memories for us all with his carefree smile, and his love of cultures (especially Japanese!) and his love for his family.

We miss you Tsong.