Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Making Up Jokes

We have creative girls in so many ways. Alex loves to make up songs (and rhymes!) and Dani's latest craze is making up punny jokes.

Q: What do you call a dancing raspberry?
A: A Jazzberry!

Q: What do you use to power an electric cake?
A: Batter-ies

Q: What do you call blueberries when you first buy them?
A: Newberries

Q: What's a horse's favorite fruit?
A: Strawberries!

Q: What do you call nuts that are very old?
A: Oldmonds

Q: What does an alien who is feeling really hot say when it sees a vent?
A: That's the coolest thing ever!

Q: What do you call a fat pumpkin?
A: A plumpkin!

Q: What do you call a flying weapon?
A: A soared.

Q: What's a plant's favorite food?
A: A Tree-t

Q: What's the only color that doesn't tell the truth?
A: Lie-lac

Q: What's the only golden food?
A: Nuggets

Q: What is the most colorful fruit?
A:  A crayon-berry

Ben's jokes are a little different...

Q: What do you call a spoon that is not a spoon?
A: A fork!

Q: What do you call orange juice that is not orange juice?
A: Water.

Q: What do you call a thing that has a head, a body and two legs?
A: A person

Q: Why was there a hole in the ground?
A: Because someone digged it!

But he came up with this one last week:
Q: What is the only country you can store things in?
A: CANada

He's getting there!

Alex has had her share of funny jokes too.

Q: Why did the cheetah not play fair?
A: Because he's a cheetah!

Q: What is the only edible festival?
A: The Steak Fair

Q: What's the only fruit you can sit in?
A: A Chairy!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dads = the best

There are two dads in my life - my own dad and my kids' dad. Both are amazing men. So here's a toast: (Raising wine glass) To Jack and Dad. I love you both more than words. But here are a few.
Ten Things I Love about My Dad
1. He loves playing around with mechanical things, and is curious about how they work
2. His hugs
3. How he still wants to hold my hand, even when I’m 34
4. How he seems to have forgiven me for all the times I didn’t want to hold his hand when I was a college kid
5. He values hard work and loves family life
6. When he fixes something 5 minutes after we’ve told him it’s not fixable
7. He plays with his grandkids so long that he falls asleep on the floor next to them
8. He just can’t resist kites, and he helps the kids to fly them
9. The moments when I realize how much I am like him – it means I’ll never feel like he’s completely gone
10. He is kindhearted, sincere, friendly, and beloved by so many especially ME!

Monday, March 12, 2012

6 years!

To quote The Talking Heads: "How did we get here?"

Six years old?!! Holy cow. Our girls have reached an age where they will begin to form lasting memories. What's to come this year? My predictions are:
- Able to read chapter books on their own
- Pierced ears
- Riding bikes without training wheels
- Write all their letters and numbers without flipping any of them
- Get their own rooms (if I can find us a house!) but end up sleeping in the same one most nights anyway
- Giggle a LOT

Happy Birthday to the kids who made us parents!