Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rocky turns 1

We had an amazing weekend with our extended family this Memorial Day weekend down at Lake Cumberland, KY (Thanks Mikey, Holly, Anita, George, Julie, Ada, James, Mom and Dad! What good bunch!) and I'll post fun pics and stories from that soon. Upon returning home, we enjoyed a day that the kids have been talking about for months - Rocky's first birthday. The kids have memorized his birthday yet still stumble to tell us the date of Jack's. Poor guy. It took a lot of treats, training, sleepless nights, reading, and patience to get us here but we finally have a one year old dog who is generally good at taking direction, is always good natured, and is good at making our kids girls turn to a squealing mess of baby talk (and he makes a good playmate for Ben who loves to tug of war and throw him a ball). The kids' new nickname for him (I am not making this up) is "Mr. Stoney-Woney Covered in Fur and Stuffed with Cuteness." Nuf said.

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