Saturday, May 18, 2013

Today was fun

After over 5 hours of intense gardening both at the old house and the new, I'm just not able to come up with a clever headline for today's post, nor can I find a way to string together today's memories in a coherent way. There's just stuff to post before I forget it. Entertainment value, be damned.

I worked a lot on the yard at the old house today. Hopefully all this cleaning up will help a future owner feel like they can just move right in without too much work. A big yard IS a lot of work, but there are so many benefits. Spring is my favorite time at that house - the columbine at the front are beautiful. Our ducks and even the frog are back.

Alex informed me today that she and Dani have "Brain Communication" and Ben shares this with them as well. It's an ability that only very special siblings have, which is why Uncle Mikey and I do not have Brain Communication. This ability allows them to send each other messages, like "when one of us is going somewhere with Daddy and the other stays home, and if something exciting happens or the plans change, we can tell each other about it. It also works even after death, like if one of us dies first, we can still tell each other things." She also explained they can play games with each other via Brain Communication. Bummer that Jack and I don't have it - we'd save a lot of time and money on texting and board games!

Alex and Dani recently began taking horseback riding lessons. Alex has also mastered riding her bike without training wheels this past week. I haven't gotten any pics of her doing it yet. Here's a cute shot of the girls at class before they start to groom their horses. Notice that they are smiling. They LOVE riding lessons. It's the first activity they both agree is great.

Ben has been having a rough spring. Our new home has lots of flowering trees, dust from construction, and fields of dandelions nearby. This has also been one of the worst springs for people with pollen allergies. Put this all together and you get a Ben who had trouble sleeping and was generally irritable with a runny nose and itchy eyes. Yet despite feeling crummy thanks to nature, he insists on climbing trees and playing with bugs. That's my boy. (It helps that he's been so irritable that he lost his phone/iPad playing privileges for a long time - it gave him plenty of free time to play outside.)

This evening was the block party in our new neighborhood. I had been looking forward to meeting families with kids and we did pretty well - there are at least a few potential friends for Ben and I hear there are girls around but many didn't make it to the party. My bunch all surprised me by finding kids to play with after dinner. Usually Ben makes a friend wherever he goes but the girls hang back. Tonight everyone was running around, doing cartwheels, throwing balls, and generally enjoying the other kids. Dani even proclaimed, "I like having parties for no reason!"

Tomorrow, Jack and I plan to attack the garage so he can actually park in there soon and so it's not such a pit of despair to me. Bring on the shop vac and dust rags - all the contractors cut wood, tile, and stone in the garage this year to avoid being cold outside, so the dust levels are ridiculous.

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