Friday, May 17, 2013

Catching up? I can try.

2012 kicked my butt. Big time. I seriously think it was the most exhausting year since we had twinfants in the house. How Many “Firsts” And “News” Did The Wei Family Have In 2012? A LOT. I wrote up a big long list for a holiday card that never got produced, and even just editing out the "insignificant firsts" took waaay too much of my 1am time. I have forgotten more of 2012 than I would like to admit simply because I didn't blog about it as it was happening. And the same is going on right now in 2013. Occasionally a fun memory gets logged to Facebook, but I rarely go back and put it all someplace more permanent and accessible years later. If blogging or journaling doesn't become a daily event again, more adorable moments will be lost forever. How will Jack and I reminisce when we are in our 80's if I can't pull up a record of the hilarious things the kids used to say? My crappy memory certainly won't do it for me. We won't be able to chuckle over the fact that Dani feels she is "an under-height first grader" or that Ben wondered tonight, half asleep and calling out for mama, why his foot hurt until he drank a glass of water. And we won't be able to remind Alex that she used to get very perturbed at the idea that she is a picky eater, when her 20 year old self can't get enough of cauliflower and asparagus and fish that doesn't have ketchup smeared on it. Memories get made every hour around here, and more of them are going to end up recorded. Luckily Jack has been taking videos of the kids talking for a few minutes each week. Maybe I'll post a few soon. They are very cute. 

That is all for tonight. Tomorrow - the list of craziness that happened in 2012. 

Here are the kids at The Hundred Acre Wood, a beautiful nature/sculpture park at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We visited for the first time (which should have happened YEARS ago) on April 27 with Gramma and Opa.


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